Saturday, December 18, 2010

Applying Basic SEO to Blog : Done!

basic seo
I am glad because I am done applying some basic SEO(Search Engine Optimization) on my blog. It's basic so I am not expecting a big bang in my blog but everything starts from basic :).
I hope this blog will grow one day like the blog I had created some years ago.

What I add on my blog?

Just in case you will ask me what are the changes on my blog, if you can see I just use the simple theme from blogger and edit it :) . It is a good theme to apply some SEO technique so I decided editing it instead of designing a new theme/layout that will just make things difficult for me.
I added breadcrumbs, related post, and the read more function, I also added some codes like swapping my blog title - post title, because it's better to have Post title | blog title. I add more codes :)

Because of those edits I came up with this blog now, I am now on my way on driving traffics in my blog and building backlinks. I hope I can find more blog friends as the day passes :)


Kendrick said...

Hey dude.interesting post :).Please follow my blog.

Papabear said...

thanks kendrick for the comment :)

Grace said...

i think its no bad to follow your tricks :)

Hazel said...

wow that's a lot of new codes on your blog now, huh? :) Congrats with that.. i'm kind of lazy to put codes that will drive traffic to my blog LOL :)) but someday i will :P

Papabear said...

hello hazel :) thanks for commenting, I view your blog and the pictures are awesome :) mmm I can't find a way to comment that's why I wrote the message here >.<, anyway.. yah I put up so much code >.<

Dave Josef said...

can you teach me how to make a good seo?

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