Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Count Down

3 more days, 2 more sleep before the time comes :) Christmas is approaching and many are so excited about it, but not everyone know the essence of this day. So tell me, What is the essence of Christmas day?
Christmas day is a celebration of Christians, mostly the Roman Catholics. It is to celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. It is all started when Mary gave birth into a Holy Baby in Bethlehem of Judea.(Palestine).
I am wondering, when the time of Christmas everybody is praying for Santa Clause of Saint Nicole? Everybody is waiting for him, ? I know Saint Nicole is an image of Christmas for others but he really is not the image of Christmas, but a baby who destined to be crucified in the cross,
a baby who will compensate for our own sin.
Me? I am waiting for Christ this Christmas and praying for him :) I have some special gift for him "TIME" how about you? To whom you will pray for a gift? and what do you think about Christmas? I know not everyone celebrate this so it's ok :) I respect..

Anyway here is a cute video for you guys

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