Friday, December 17, 2010

CityVille on Facebook

I am so bored today because classes are off and vacation starts,
anyway, Happy holidays everyone :) hope you enjoy your vacation.

Because of boredom I tried to find something interesting, some entertainment so I look into facebook but no one is there to chat with me eh? bad bad, so I tried to find some games. I found this game called "CityVille"
from the title itself is says City so I have a guess this is a game about building city?

I guess I am right? :), Cityville is one of the great game of Zynga . In this game you are going to build your own city and manage it, of course you are the mayor. You build buildings, business, decoration and like farmville you can also farm, sounds interesting eh? Wait there's more, there is what we call energy here, every task you do here will deduct one energy into you so if you run out of energy you have to wait for it to recharge, you can also visit your friends city to earn energy or ask them to gift you some energy so that you can build decorations and buildings. I recommend this game to those who like to design a city or want to manage his/her own city someday :)

I'm currently level 13, more ways to go, Hey it's still in beta so I expect more changes soon

Happy Gaming everyone.

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