Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Failure's Confession

This is just a random post yeah.. a random one, I just can't post something useful for my readers :)
There are days like this, I feel I am a loser and I failed many times, I was ignored many times, and rejected many times by some people. I'm pity for myself :(
Hopefully there are some people there who keep me strong specially God.
God is always there for me, and he will be. I sometimes get mad at myself. I always feel envious into some people who can do many things and unique things, that's why I'm trying hard to practice those things
so that I can make those things too. I know "ENVY" is one of the seven deadly sin but I am just a person who always commit this sin >.<
I am not perfect, but some people expects high from me, I fear their expectations... I fear that I'll let them down.
I fear that I can't do the things they want me to do. I am trying hard to live my life into my own, but there are times that I can't. I always have questions in my mind that I want answers,

so many WHY and WHAT..

so many HOW..
but a few are answered..

I am finding the real me,.. The real reason why I exist, The reason why I am here, Many many reasons..
There is this inquisitive mind that always react.

Now, I have two personality..the Positive and the Negative,
well at least the positive side is ruling before me. :)


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shian said...

The failure makes you stronger.
The success makes you weaker.

The failure opens your eyes.
The success makes you blind.

The evil is looking for perfection.
God is looking from above.

Because God is Love.

Your honesty is a gift from God.
All the rest - is a childish, pathetic, sad and lonely world.

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