Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Holidays :) - from papabear

Happy Holidays

The long holiday is coming, do you have a plan to do? or any place to go? Where will you spend your vacation?

Me? uhm I am going to spend my whole vacation on our HOME :) I don't feel going to somewhere else
or going on a date because I don't have someone to date lol. I'm just staying at HOME and will spend the rest of my vacation into my family , I'm always busy at school when there are classes so my time for family is lessen so my plan now is to give more time here.
I'm waiting a important text message from my Instructor because he said that we are going to practice even holidays! Oh men! that's bad :( anyway its for our sake because we are going to join a PROGRAMMING COMPETITION in BAGUIO Philippines this January so God Blessed to us  :) .

Have a happy holidays everyone, please enjoy your holiday and spread the LOVE :)
for those Christians who celebrate Christmas :) give love...


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