Monday, December 20, 2010

How much you hate spam emails?

I just open my computer and I always check my email before I go blogging or go into facebook, that's my daily routine, to check if there are some important emails came from special people, but what do I always see? Of-course the undying SPAM EMAILS. How to block spam? that's what I want to know.

What are Spam EMAILS?

Spam emails are some junk email, it is annoying and base on what I know it is illegal. Many marketers or market people use this kind of strategy, by sending one kind of email to many people to advertise their goods or products so that many people would know about them. There are also some webmasters advertising their blogs or websites to get more visitors into it.

This kind of action is really annoying and I can't help deleting them all. I saw some emails saying that I won a million dollars and it came from microsoft or HP and they are asking for my bank information and personal address? How fishy isn't it? Those are just fakers who intend to steal information into you and maybe sell it or what we call Information Selling. There are some also spam emails with a title "FREE VIAGRA FOR WINTER SEASON". Oh men! I don't need to use that >.< lol haha.

Please be aware in those kind of emails they might contain some virus so I suggest not to open them or not to download the attach file into them.

You can now BLOCK SPAM EMAILS using your yahoo mail or gmail or some other mail scripts or email provider you are using there are some good functions today just learn how to use them :)
I am still searching for some anti spam solutions so that I can get rid away from those bad emails and I think there are some good Block Spam Software that we can use


Anne said...

I used to use a spam blocker but found it was blocking important email while still letting spam through. I never open any of it, I automatically delete anything like that.

Papabear said...

@Anne > Yeah some spam blocking software really not working good >.< that's why I am searching for a good one.. thanks for commenting :) please comment again in my next post

Sathiya seelan said...

Well. All the spam blocking software in the world can't really differentiate between authentic mail and spam. It is not their fault, really. It is the spammers who are getting smarter by day to trick the anti-spam software to slip through.
If you ask me, nothing beats your commonsense to differentiate which one is genuine and which one is not. If the subject sounds too good to be true, then no doubt it is a spam.

onlinesmallnote said...

i really HATE Spam...100%

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