Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Music : A relief

What is music? What it can do to our lives? How does music affects our daily lives? Is music a relief?
Are you a music lover? How do you feel when you are listening this kind of sounds?

According to Wikipedia, a music is an art from whose medium is sound. There are many different meanings of music, from different people. From me, "Music is a way of expressing some message that we can't directly say", it's for me, because I use music to express what I feel and what I want to say. I sometimes pick the best music that suites the message, How about you?

There are many different kind/genre of music, it is according to our personality.. e.g, when you love EMO songs then you are an EMO, when you love Rock musics, then you are a Rocker

In some way, music affects everyone, whatever it is, whether it is a young elementary girl, a college girl or an elder. Music can make someone fall inlove, music can make someone happy, sad and afraid. Music definitely affects the lifestyle of every individual in many different ways. Not only MONEY can influence.. even music can influence, it can make you dress the way you like, of course you will be wearing the best dress that's suite for the music. Music impacts everyone in some way, negative or positive. It's also a good way on refreshing our minds when we have a lot of problems that life have made.

I'm one of those music lovers, throughout my life music affected me in many different ways, it helps me many times, in making some decisions, cheering up myself, to remind my self into some important information. I really love it, How about you? Do you love music too? :) How it help you? Is it a relief for you?


Event Lover said...

totoong relief ang music.. di lang relief it can also represent what we really feel.

sHeRrY said...

*Answering your questions* Well, music for me is a shoulder I can lean on when I'm down and nobody seems to be there. Music can improve our lives. Though you only hear it but music also is sight for it gives color to your life. Yea music is a relief. Obviously, I'm a music lover. When I listen to music, I feel like my troubles are abandoning me. Wikipedia is damn right and generally music is my life:]

CHEEN said...

Music is a great help when im down && bored :D superb !

Claire said...

i love music!!! <3 it reflects my personality, emotions and style :)

Papabear said...

So all my visitors really loves music :)

eMiLy ChAnG said...

VISITING! i love music! ;)

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