Friday, December 31, 2010

The Tantra Totem (A lucky Charm Message)

Hello everyone.. a few more hours to go before the New Year's eve(excited). So many of you are interested in predictions, lucky charms, maybe feng shui and many many more lucky stuff. Today I am going to share you a video that I've made in 2009, yeah kinda old but the message in this video is applicable in every year, in every person and in everyone :). This video change a bit of me (let's say that) before I enter College, I made this video I follow every message in the video and it feels good, really :) hey you must watch the video for you to know the message I am talking about.. Anyway forget about passing it >.< yes it is a chain message but forget about that, it's fine even if you don't pass it , because that's not true, I just want to share you the message :) but hey, you can share it if you want,
so here it is

So, you're done? What can you say about the message? Will you apply it into your daily living?
:), it really feels good if you apply it, I tell you :)

Have a happy new year everyone, and God Blessed hope God will give you Tremendous blessings in this coming year. (Boooomm) (Boommm) >.< ahm, a little fireworks on my blog eh? lol :)

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