Tuesday, January 4, 2011

15 signs that you are in love into someone

There is this love that all people can feel, when this so called love strike, when the arrow of baby cupid shoot unto us. We feel bizarre , a feeling that has a lot of definition, they call it "LOVE". Everyone one wants to love and to be love, of course? who wants to live in this world without desiring to be love and to love?
Well if you don't want to love and to be love, this is the thing I want to say, "YOU ARE A SLAVE OF YOUR OWN FEAR" A person who don't know how to love, and don't know how to accept love is like a robot that scientists programmed. They are just a coded robot with limited features w/o any feeling. They don't LEARN, CHANGE, and GROW. Back into the topic, So yes, I feel this strange feeling, but, how can I know If I am really in love? What are the signs?

HERE are the signs, READ CAREFULLY

15 - You always go into facebook or other social networking sites and look for his/her Pictures.

14 - When you're on phone with them at late night and they hang up, you still miss them even when it was just a minute ago.

13 - You read their text messages, emails and IM's over and over again

12 - You walks really slow when you are with them.

11 - You feel shy when they are around.

10 - When you think about them, your heart beats faster and slower at the same time, (But sometimes it stops beating).

8 - You find yourself smiling when you are thinking of them.

7 - When you look at them, it seems like the people around him/her is blurring and all you can see is him/her.

6 - You start listening to slow songs, when you are thinking of them.

5 -You get high from their scent.

4 - They're all you think about.

3 - You get high just from their scent.

2 - You would do everything just for him/her

1 - While Reading this, there was only one person on your mind the whole time, since you start reading this.

Now, because you are so much serious and so curious if what you feel is really "LOVE", you didn't even noticed that the number 9 was missing.

You are going to scroll and read back if what I'm saying is true,

You will smile and realize that you are really in love :),
What you need to do now is to tell her/him that you love them.

Don't be afraid :) you must try it, you must risks, but don't ever expect winning all the time,
TO RISKS IS TO RISKS FAILURE, remember that.. Accept what he/she will say :) but don't give up.

Have a lovely night(its night in the Philippines when I wrote this ) to my readers, :) thanks for reading this simple post.


Kraehe said...

It confuses me, you are referring to "them". Isn't falling in love, is with one person only?

Papabear said...

@kraehe yeah but I am talking to the public and their loveones :) so I use them, because there are many readers and I group their loveones using them

Kraehe said...

oh! i get it ^_^

lily said...

i guess cupid has ran out of arrows...

...haven't been inlove for a long time! LOL



Kim said...

ooohh... nice post. :) visit my page too. :)

Nonoy said...

Wow interesting topic. I know Im in love when I feel happy when she's around. hehe;-) I agree with you feel shy; but it's more like to a crush than to a person that you love or you get in love with. hehe;-)

Bea said...

And I actually agree to some in this list. :)

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