Saturday, January 1, 2011


Hello everyone, as you can see, this blog is still new and is progressing every single day, it won't progress if you didn't help me, you, Visitors are the main part of this blog, my writings are a waste (yeah) because I am not that fluent in English and that's one of my reasons why I blog, "To expand my vocabulary" and "To learn more things". I am now learning many things because of you, This blog helps me a lot, and the people who leave some comments here, to those people who chat some message into my chatbox, Thank you very much :), from rank 23 million in alexa, now I hit 1 million in just half a month! this is all because of you :). From 0 visitor to 200+ and growing visitors a day! it's because of you again :). Today I want everyone to know the top Entrecard Dropers who always drop some EC into my blog to let other Bloggers know them. Entrecard is one of my traffic sources, it gives me a hundred traffic everyday, thank you :) so if anyone of you who doesn't have account in entrecard, you can sign up, click the image -- >

So now, here are my  

one blog is missing? yeah ? when I am trying to access her account it says that her blog was deleted? mm It was plain Tired Blog.

Thank you everyone for supporting this blog, the next time, I am going to put a top commenter widget on my blog so that it counts the number of comment every month and give them a link love :)


Diamond R said...

what is this entracard is all about? new to my ears.

Papabear said...

@Diamond R -- It is like a traffic exchange site, but in a different way :) like that? traffic exchange like easyhits4u or something like those are illegal to google adsense but this one is unique and legal :)

stevebethere from bethere2day said...

Great to have made it into your TD list thank you for the link :-)

Happy New Year said...

maybe i'll try entercard

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