Friday, January 21, 2011

I am failed to do my routine for today!

My mood for this day is not good? Why? Who wants to have no internet? How can I read Blogs? How can I contact my friends? How can I update my blogs? How can I read new emails?
Yes, my Internet connection was down lately, it was started yesterday at 5pm and it just came back now, I am a subscriber of Globe Tattoo and the problem was, the network has no signal... arrrr..
I call the Customer Service to ask if there is a maintenance on their network or facilities near my area, she answered well and I am satisfied, I decided just to go to bed and sleep for a while after waiting for the signal to appear on my dashboard and I don't want to keep my bad mood all day >.<, I fell asleep for a while, when I woke up, I open my computer and see if there is a signal now and there is. "AT LAST!".
I just realize, "Maybe it's better to subscribe into a DSL line?" but I am not that rich and I need the money on my school >.< maybe if I graduated or got a part time job, maybe I can go and subscribe to a DSL plan hehe. Internet has become a important thing for me, I know you too..

Just a short update, HAVE a GOOD DAY :)


Silvergirl said...

take a rest LOL

Casley said...

chill papabear.. waiting for ur next update.. ^^

Papabear said...

yeah!... chill chill chill hehe thanks silvergirl and Casley

Jayson Patalinghug said...


Caroline Ng May Ling said...

i also cant live without internet! :p but i guess am ok as long as i can tweet from my phone. :D

Tam Lee said...

papabear can u help me to spread my blog and teach me to have a google adsense to my blog???plz

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