Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Taking the advantage on Monetizing your Blog - Make money Posting

Do you want to make money from blog? Enjoy writing new articles while writing? Well if your answer is YES, there are a lot of ways on how to make money or monetize your blog, there is google adsense, chitika, bidvertiser, nuffnang(for asians) and more advertising networks that will call advertisers and advertise on your blog to earn money, there are CPC, CPM, text links ads and more.

But, Recently while blogwalking into my
friends blogging and doing my daily routine, I found this new site with the name "POSTNJOY" the first time I look at it's domain name or site title I thought that it was a "PAY TO POST COMPANY" where they will going to pay you if you post something that is in the opportunity list.
I didn't trust it the first time, why? because there are a lot of SCAM sites like this, they promise to pay you, give you a good money, you will get rich in no time, blah blah blah.. oh men! those phrases sounds good into my ear, "Hey, I want to join! make me rich! I'll buy your product, I'll post something on my blog about you!" then after a few weeks "Where is my money? Did I just waste it into a non sense product?" lol!.

Of-course before I join a site and pay something, I conduct a simple massive research about it, to know if it's fake or genuine.

Monetizing your blog is never that easy, you have to increase your pagerank, do SEO increase your traffic, and then the scammer will simply use your blog to advertise something? oh dude!.

But dude, listen, I conduct a research about this postnjoy, I saw many reviews about it, and there's no complain about their service and they are satisfied.

So, I will register in this postnjoy I guess my readers and visitors would understand if there is a sponsor post in my blog because I need to finance my self and school >.< so please tell me if you don't want sponsored posts :).

As a blogger in postnjoy you can select your own topic of interest, yes they won't force you to write something or write this! you decide on what you write :).

Write your own opinion on your blog - you must give true and realistic opinion about the products and review it well, you must give your full and best review so that the advertiser would like it, who knows you'll get extra tip for that? right?

Create unique and Interesting content on your blog  - Yes, I saw their topics and the advertisers, those are good to write :)

Publish on multiple blogs to earn more - if you have many blogs you can take advantage on submitting all of your blogs into postnjoy and give your opinion and submit multiple entries, remember, more entries more MONEY!

If you are a Company owner or an Internet Marketer aiming to publicize your product and meet a global market around the net, you can advertise at postnjoy, :)
Spread out your product around the world - many bloggers will review and write their opinion about your product, what that means? your product will be known around the world and your clients will grow :)

Here's a simple Illustration on how it works,

PostNjoy, monetize your blog



w0rkingAth0mE said...

goodluck in your blogging, more opps for you :)

Axl Powerhouse Production Inc, said...

naks... parang gusto ko na ayaw.. kasi more on tagalog blog ako eh :D

Papabear said...

@Axl, edi english mo na tol hehe

Kraehe said...

me proof na ba dito? sali ako pag meron na.

Papabear said...

@kreahe dinidiscover ko pa din kung legit ba to or hindi, kasi bago lang ung company na to :)

Kraehe said...

ahh okies, keep me posted ah kung legit talaga sya.

Con Artist Trickster said...

Glad you brought this up. Maybe I can try that Postnjoy and see if I can get a "little something" from it.

Papabear said...

@C.A.T let's try it and give feedback to our readers if this site is paying or not :) so that we can help other people too

meryl said...

hi papabear heheh^^

Anonymous said...

I wanted to join but I already have a pay to post blog and one of their TOS is no other paid post in your blog.

http://usa79.livejournal.com/977.html said...


Ehd Umbao said...

Nice post, i agree with you. For me as a blogger the best idea is still posting more and more unique contents on your own site instead of posting it to other sites that will surely make lots of money with your unique style. Just keep on posting. My blog is just 6 months old but already earned $300 per month.

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