Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tomorrow, Classes will resume!

After the very long vacation/holiday, It seems like my body is too lazy to go to school tomorrow, I don't know why? But I need to go, I have to give more effort so that I can finish my path and achieve my goal :).
I am thinking now what will happen tomorrow, maybe the Professors will give us some quiz? assignments? etc..
I guess I have no choice but to do those things >.< because if I'm not, then I'm gonna fail the subject.
It isn't summer yet, the weather is still cold, I can still feel the air of Christmas and New year.. The fresh air, I always feel sleepy when weather is like this, I want to sleep all the time lol.
Because of the classes will resume tomorrow, maybe I can't drop and blogwalk a lot, maybe a hectic schedule will hit me again but no matter what, I am going to make this blog alive as possible as I can.
All my past blogs have died because of that hectic schedule and I don't want this blog to die like that, I am going to make this active as possible, I promise to my co-bloggers and to some bloggers :). "I am going to continue blogwalking and writing into my blog".
I wonder what will happen tomorrow? :) Good luck for me and to those who will attend their classes tomorrow.

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