Friday, January 7, 2011

Top 5 annoying elements in a blog/website

Many bloggers are doing their best to give their blog a good look and a good standing or a name in this online world, they add so many stuffs, many scripts and something more, without knowing that some of those things they are putting or adding in their blog might annoy the READERS or the VISITORS , We all know that those two are what makes the blog feel alive, if your blog has no READERS nor VISITORS then it will look like a haunted blog , what am I saying >.<, anyway I think you got my point' didn't you?

So, yes we are going to talk about the elements that bloggers put into their blog, they want to beautify their blog, or monetize in their blog, to earn money or to make it cute or beautiful blog/site, but some of those elements might annoy your visitors nor readers or searchers who search from google and direct the searcher into your site.

I tried to conduct a survey on a webmasters forum, it is an international forum, so not only filipino members but it also have members from different country. Best bloggers and Top bloggers are staying in this forum.


So here are the top most annoying things..

1. POP-UP ADS/ POP-UP WINDOWS.. - when clicking the blog or entering to the blog, most especially the pop-up advertisements

2. CROWDED ADS - what does it mean? it means a blog full of never ending advertisements(exaggerating)

3. LOUD AUTO-PLAY MUSIC/VIDEO - ugh.. I never thought that this one would annoy visitors? maybe music that is not good to the ear or a loud music, and maybe because it makes someones blog slow to load.

4. OVER DESIGN - everyone knows that too much is not better , maybe they are annoyed with over design blogs that's why the blog is so slow to load.

5. SOME UNNEEDED THINGS IN THE SIDEBAR - maybe they are reffering to some images or scripts or what that are not really needed in a sidebar. so make sure that all of the elements in your sidebar are useful.

There are still more but I decided to posts only the top 5
If there are bloggers that will get mad at me because of this posts, sorry >.<, I just ask some people opinion.
You can add more here, just comment what you don't want in a blog?


Anonymous said...

I'm sooo guilty. Hehehe.. But only with the Nummber3. Thankfully, wala na yung music bar sa blog ko. Dun ko na lang nilagay sa isang blog.. a personal trash bin. Wala naman masyadong nagpupunta dun kasi "basurahan" ko yun. Haha...

Anyway, I hope nakapasa ako. Almost all of my blog elements are important naman.. Aside from the 3rd (na wala naman ngayon), okay naman ang elements ko.. and I surely hope that my blog loading time is good.. Let me know kapag slow sya ha. hehe..

Gandang gabi, Papabear. And thanks sa comments mo.. I'm doing good na. =)

Najmah Capal said...

hehe. this is true. nakaka annoy nga. minsan di na rin maintindihan ung entries nila dahil ang stylish ng font. :)) hehe.

Mayet said...

ay, yung mga music, gusto ko rin naman yung songs kaya lang minsan biglang lakas ba.

Papabear said...

@leah ok nmn ung blog mo ate leah lalo na mga entries mo :)

@Najmah ou nga puh minsan nagooverlay na ung text sa background nla, parang wla ng contrast? >.< hehe

@Mayet ok lang din po ung music kaso pag di ko maintindihan and sobrang lakas >.< bingi aq hehe

ken said...

true.. gotta agree :)

Kraehe said...

I agree with number 1, 2 and 3. Especially number 3 XD

Francis Hunt said...

Great that someone's finally talking about this - I agree with all five points completely. As in so many other areas of life, bloggers should remember the KISS principle: keep it simple, stupid!

Hi I'm ROY said...

Very informative! great blog. should be a lesson to all bloggers too. thanks

Marinella said...

I agree in all of those. Especially in #3. "cause sometimes, I play music while bloghopping. And when something just plays in their site, I always tend to close it.

Casley said...

great post!! thumbs up!! im considering what u're saying in #3.. i do have auto-play music which i'm not sure whether it'll annoy my readers coz most of them are in just simply piano music.. what u say? =)

Anonymous said...

Very true! I hate those pop ups big time! I am also guilty with the sidebars hahahah ;)

Papabear said...

@sutil > your sidebar is fine :) I just saw it,

@Casley > I think soft piano music is good :) I don't think they will got annoyed with it >.<

@Marinelle > I experienced the same as you >.< when I am blogwalking, then the blog will autoplay a loud music and the music I'm listening and the blog music will blend to each other and boom, my eardrum >.<

Con Artist Trickster said...

Totally agree with all those five things.
I hope there's nothing so annoying on my site.

stevebethere from bethere2day said...

I agree with all of them, all i want to do is read a blog not to keep having to click things shut and turn the sound down quick lol.

Thank you for stopping by with your feedback :-)

Axl Powerhouse Production Inc, said...

tama... agreee.... :D

Papabear said...

@steve oh hey :) one of my blog idol :) thanks for leaving feedback :)

@axl one of great photo blogger :) thanks for feedback

Dave Josef said...

the POP-UP ADS/ POP-UP WINDOWS very very annoying -_-

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