Thursday, February 3, 2011

What is a FRIEND?

What is a friend? Are they easy to find? These questions are always storming my mind, How can I have one? Do I really need one? How would I know if a friend is TRUE, or a FAKE?

Friends are the one whom you laugh with, Friends is the best thing to have in this world. There are some Real Friends and Fake Friends. Friends have a lot of definition according to certain people but for me, A friend is a living treasure, and if you have one, you have one of the most valuable gifts in life.

I had a lot of friends but I only have 1 Best Friend, everyone can be my friend as long as they want me to be, but if you want me to become your Best Friend, you must be with me for a long time so that you will know who I really am and why I do crazy and weird things. I need someone who can understand the way I live not someone who will complain. It's hard to trust people especially in our time, there are some who will disguise as your friend but will hit you on the back, there are also some who just need something and when they got that something , THEY WILL LEAVE YOU. I don't know if you have an experience like what I do.
I trust many person and they just make me disappointed, but I'm not saying that I wouldn't trust anyone now... of course I still trust someone but not so much now, unless he/she is a bestfriend of mine. There are also some people who are insecure or envy your goals and achievements in life so they will act as your friend but will destroy you bit by bit.

One of my goal why I blog is to meet new friends, I know it is hard to find a Real Friend online but I will try it. Remember that we must risks things for us to know, I don't really believe in sayings... I am always trying things so that I can distinguished if that saying is true or just a saying o.o.

Today I have many friends in school and I don't know who are those True and Fake, no matter what they are ^_^ I will be their Real Friend even if they are a traitor or in disguise. Because God said that we must love our Enemy mmm..

Have a Happy Day


Otli said...

I had a friend but I don't know if I'm calling him a "friend" anymore. I feel that he sense a kind of hostility towards me because he always tell that he is having a kind of suspicion to "several" person. He has this anxiety disorder, he was self-assuming, "insane", unpredictable and he sees himself an intelligent person over God. And he's still in my Facebook.

♣ lily ♣ said...

real friends are really hard to find XD

I'm so thankful to God coz I've found mine in bunch. hehe...

i ♥ my friends :)

Rhea Gulin said...

wow I agree with this. Especially on what you said that friends are treasures. And same here, I only have one best friend, and we've been together for five years :)

niQue said...

friends are treasures, no doubt!
You may have many friends, but to find a true one is so difficult. You can have many friends in happiness but not in sadness.

Dave Josef said...

friend is never use you too make himself better than you

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